What You Should Know Before Selling Online

No this is not an affiliate speech with a “buy now” link at the bottom – there are no Commission Junction links in this post. 

In the past decade I have seen shopping carts evolve from complicated Perl scripts to far away hosted applications as pretty as they are functional. 

What I haven’t seen change is the attitude of the people getting into online sales.

The simple fact of selling anything online is that it takes time and effort – occasionally this can be offset by money – but at some point you have to work. 

Tens years and people are still surprised at how much work is required to make an online shop successful. 

Please don’t be put off – you can still make it work for you and the lifestyle is great once you find the right balance – but you can not install a shopping cart and retire in the same week. Just doesn’t happen that way.

I can give you a page of steps to take to simplify the amount of work required, and I have a book here that will streamline your day to day processes – but for whatever reason too many people out there are just interested in “working on the internet”.

Hopefully the doom and gloom has scared off a few of the wombats that came looking for a crappy eBook to make them a millionaire before dinner.  

Look, working on the internet is great. As a rule you work your own hours. 

If you have a laptop you can get around and away without any hassles and it is very lucrative if you apply yourself.

I have seen many a shopping cart fall to ruin because the owners lost heart when it didn’t make N500,000 in it’s first month. 

Are you one of those people that thought you would get rich fast just by selling online ?

 Did you go in with your eye’s open and expect more realistic returns ? How much work did you think it would take ? How much work did it take ? Let us know we are interested in your stories.


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